New Ghost Stories Podcast

In the New Ghost Stories Podcast we go back to where it all began. In each episode we revisit a case from the archive, along with new background material and my own reflections on what we may, or may not be, happening.

New episodes will be released on the last day of each month. This is of course my first podcast, so I’m still learning and picking things up. Any (merciful) feedback will be much appreciated.

Episode 2 – Wrong Number

In this case, a man starts to receive strange phone calls. The message is always the same – a woman is in need of rescue. But she may be dead already.

Episode 1 – A Rhythm of Six

In this first episode, an author of ghost stories is excited to find his own home is haunted. Unfortunately, the ghost does not take kindly to his guests.

Glass Eye

The prank with the glass eye was bad enough, but then it goes missing. And it suddenly starts to show up at the most innapropriate moments.